Saturday, August 20, 2011

Birthday Celebration at STSDS

Another birthday celebration - this time at the dance studio. Toiled on this mini  cake for half a day..... from baking the cake (lemon & poppyseed  cake with lemon glaze) and then covering the cake and cakeboard with fondant and then modelling Evan's favourite Angry Bird and an evil Pig ready to devour those eggs! The ballet class ended 10 minutes earlier to allow enough time for the birthday celebration.

 Evan - trying to split but not flexible enough. 

We didn't serve the mini cake cos aaargh! it was too cute to eat! So 'sayang' to put  a sharp knife through the cake. Anyway, I brought ready-cut slices of the cake and served those instead. The entire mini cake was presented to Evan's ballet teacher : Ms Alice Yap who very generously presented Evan with his birthday present : a pair of black ballet shoes - which he wore during the class!

Marissa also joined in the eating - she was pretty excited too even though it was not her birthday! Evan distributed the party packs and shook hands with his friends. Glad I made the last-minute effort to prepare the cake and all cos Evan told me that he enjoyed the celebration very much.