Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kleenex Share the Softness

The household name Kleenex has long been synonymous with wondrously soft tissues. No prizes for guessing which is the best answer to complete the following statement :
As soft as _____________
A. Silk
B. Butter
C. Kleenex
D. Down

Kleenex is not only soft, but strong and absorbent too - being made from top quality 100% virgin pulp. 

Recently, Kleenex has launched its "Share the Softness" campaign. Basically, this campaign aims to spread the joy of caring and sharing through sending a gift of softness to our loved ones.

You can participate in this campaign by requesting a Kleenex tissue pack in limited edition floral designs for your friends & family here. Go ahead and share the softness to as many people as possible!

For those of you who prefer to gift the Kleenex tissue pack on your own, just go to any retail outlet and purchase a pack of Kleenex tissue aptly named the 'Share Bundle'. Each 'Share Bundle' comes with 5 boxes instead of the standard 4. If you scrutinise the pic below, you will notice the topmost tissue box has a different print i.e. ribbon and notecard, perfect for gifting!

Like most companies who endeavour for excellence in customer service, Kleenex has its own Facebook page :
Check out the page for updates on the Kleenex Moments Contest where participants stand a chance to win prizes worth RM14,500! What's more? For each entry in the contest, Kleenex has pledged to donate a Kleenex tissue pack to a non-profit organization.

A big thank you to Kleenex - I have experienced the gift of softness in the form of 2 tissue boxes... keeping one box for myself and another box gifted to someone else!
As for the bottle of hard candy - my son is eyeing it for himself! What a sharp contrast indeed to the soft tissues!

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