Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kuali Cake Decorating Challenge 2012

Kuali organized its 2nd Cake Decorating Challenge recently at the atrium of Tropicana City Mall, PJ. I've heard about the challenge last year when I was just beginning to dabble in cake decorating. This year, Kuali had 2 different categories for the challenge : beginner/amateur and open/professional. 

I was unsure whether I should take part or not because it's kinda scary doing cake decorating in a mall with judges looking at you... not to mention all the onlookers! Yikes! Eventually, at the very last minute, I submitted my entry... 2 photos of my cake creations. A week later, I received an email from Kuali stating that I've been chosen as one of the 10 finalists of the challenge! They selected another 10 finalists for the open category as well. I also found out that there were over 90 people who submitted about 300 cake photos for the challenge! Wow! 

The theme for the beginners category was 'Sea World' while the open category was 'London Olympics'. Every finalist was also given a figurine related to the theme to replicate at home. The beginners had to replicate a leaping dolphin. I made a mermaid princess riding on a carriage pulled by a pair of dolphins for the cake topper. Anyway.... the cake was supposed to be a true blue color instead of the pastel blue.... cos the organizer didn't allow me to use my own blue color! That made me waste quite a lot of time just to color the fondant........ and it didn't turn out as blue as I wanted! Well.... that was the major mistake on my cake! Was disappointed that I didn't win although overall I must say it was a good learning experience (should have just used my blue fondant!). But I didn't return home empty handed that day - all finalists received a goody bag from the sponsors. 

I didn't bring my camera along that day so I pinched this photo from Kuali's Facebook album! Do I have what it takes to be a cake designer/sugar artist?


BuffaFly said...

maybe should have added some 2D sea creatures on the sides...look a bit bare. But it was a good try and good learning experience right? and to be selected from so many applicants...that's an achievement in itself!

Hui-Wearn said...

Kuali supposed to give all finalists a 'mystery box' containing a few items which we need to use to decorate the cake. The surprise was this time - the mystery box only contained fondant, royal icing and a cake board. I was just planning to use whatever that will be given in the box to decorate the sides! So, just did a simple fish scale pattern which I didn't manage to complete. Was thinking of doing some seashells too on the sides but didn't manage due to time constrains.

shoeluva said...

Wow,I must say, you are really good!

A Mom's Diary said...

Given enough time, I'm sure your creation will be smashing.