Monday, May 7, 2012

Prince & Princess Costume Contest by Mothercare

In conjunction with Mothercare's 25th Anniversary in Malaysia, a day-long party celebration was held at Mothercare KLCC outlet. Many activities were held in store including a special sale and a costume contest! 

Contestants were required to dress up as royalty in this contest. The best dressed prince and princess will be crowned the grand prize winners.

Marissa wanted to be Snow White so she wore her costume which was purchased from Mothercare about a year ago. I pinned on a piece of red felt on her costume as the cape. Tiara was purchased from Daiso. 

As for Evan, his vest, belt cover with Mothercare logo and cuffs were fully handmade from red and yellow soft washable felt purchased from Craft Haven for RM13. I also bought extra red felt from Daiso for his cape. Crown (RM15) and scepter (RM15.90) were purchased from Party World and Balloons Bouquet respectively.

 Posing with a horse and unicorn in Mothercare store!

The contest was limited to the first 20 participants to register but the organizer s decided to allow another 5 more to join..... although some of the kids were not dressed in any costume at all!

Evan & Marissa doing their catwalk to impress the judges! Some kids were reluctant to go on stage and their parents have to drag them!

Unfortunately, the organizing committee blundered on the counting of marks and unfairly awarded prizes to undeserving contestants! Even the winner of the grand prize - supposedly the best-dressed 'prince' was not in costume at all - just regular long-sleeved shirt and pants?!?!

All kids received consolation prizes... which were different in value. IMHO, all kids who participated should receive the same prizes - just to be fair. So, at the registration stage, the organizers should check that each contestant should be dressed in costume.

Both Evan & Marissa did not win the grand prize. 
Marissa received a small pack with a balloon, sticker and button badge inside whereas Evan received a bigger prize : RM40 worth of cash vouchers and some other small gifts packed in a bag. Quite a number of well-dressed kids like Marissa only received the small prize and those without any costume received the bigger prizes.

Obviously something was wrong and I enquired with the organizing committee. They admitted they tallied up the marks wrongly and gave out the prizes wrongly as well. I'm flabbergasted! Eventually, they decided to give all the children who received the small prize, additional prizes. So, Marissa received a little something as her prize. After that, we bought some Playmobil toys using the cash vouchers that Evan won. 

Anyway, the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly especially Marissa who got to be a 'princess' and they were satisfied with whatever prizes they received! 


prince n princess mum said...

They tallied up the marks wrongly and gave out the prizes wrongly?? Like that also can? hmm...

LittleLamb said...

Establishment like Mothercare should be professional!!!!! Esp, the winner. He was not even in the theme and he won. What kind of message was sent across to the kid, the parents, customers!!!!!