Friday, August 24, 2007

Evan's 2nd Birthday Bash!

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? We organized a Sesame Street themed birthday party for Evan this year as he turned 2. Well, he simply adores Elmo and Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch and well, basically all the characters on Sesame Street. The menu was rather simple fare …. Domino’s Thin Crust Pizzas, Rhu CafĂ©’s Kampung Fried Rice, KFC’s Chicken Nuggets, Cupcakes, Orange Juice, Watermelon and Salad. A total of 30 over guests crammed our condominium unit on the evening of 19th August, Sunday.

Evan’s birthday cake was a gift from Sek Kee. It’s a Jelly Cake of Bert & Ernie. I bought the no.2 birthday candle – just wanted to continue the tradition of number candles (Evan had a no.1 candle last year).

We had a sing-a-long session of Evan’s favorite songs from Veggie Tales and boy, Evan had a nice time jumping and dancing around to the songs! Following that, we sang the birthday song and Evan blew out the candle and cut the cake.

Forgot to mention that Evan wore a baby Elmo T-shirt during the party. We also had helium-filled mylar balloons of Elmo and Cookie Monster to decorate the place. Again, most of the partyware were bought on ebay USA. Now, that the party’s over….it’s clean up time! And also opening the presents! Well, that will be reported in the next blog because as of now, Evan still has not received all of his birthday presents yet…. Some pending… heheh…..


shooi said...

What a nice party. I am planning one for my son who is turning 2 also. Headache now..donno what to do...

hui-wearn said...

well for starters, think of a theme eg something that your son loves. my son is really into sesame street - thus the theme. Then you can get all the party decor and stuff to suit your theme! you also decide whether it's a big party or just a simple one. To save time - just cater some food!