Monday, August 13, 2007

Party Preparations

These are the goodies that were packed into the Party Packs for the children at Lil Beansprouts Montessori. There are mini puzzles, mini notepads, Elmo notepads, party bags, stickers, blow-outs, finger puppets, pencils and memory games. Evan will be celebrating his birthday at the nursery on 16th August. I've also ordered cupcakes for the children.

These party items were bought from the USA. Even the party favors above too - most of them came from the USA. A big thank-you to Chieu Yin and Rebecca who helped bring back the items! I also did some shopping on ebay and paid a little extra to ship them back. There are lots more items for the party at home too not photographed.


Wei Chung said...

oh man i wish it was my birthday!!

anyway.. hope the stuff are not made frm {h1n@.. ahaha.. jz kdin:)

hui-wearn said...

well, this is much better giving the kids SWEETS and CHOCS and SNACKS!