Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mini Olympics 2007

Mini Olympics 2007 was held on a nice Saturday morning - 11th August at the Taman Desa Field. This was the first time Evan had participated in Lil Beansprouts Sports Day. A rehearsal was held 2 days earlier. A total of about 30 children between the ages of 2-6 participated in the various events. This photo shows the Flag Parade which was part of the Opening Ceremony. The tiny tots marched in 2 groups : Malaysians and Non-Malaysians. Half of the kids have mixed parentage or are from other countries! Prior to this the children passed the Olympic Flame to each other.

This is the ending pose of the Opening Ceremony. Evan competed in Shot Putt and 5m dash for the 2-year-olds. The 3-year-olds had javelin and 10m dash. The 4-year-olds, shot putt and 15m dash. The 5-year-olds had discus and 20m dash, and the 6-year-olds had hurdles and 25m dash.

Evan threw his bean bag even before Teacher Eileen blew the whistle. He was the youngest "2-yr-old" - just a week shy of his 2nd birthday. Well he won 1st runner up for this! After that, was the dash and Evan only ran after everyone ran! A bit blur blur...... and he was right at the end but he completed the race! Phewwww!!! After the all the kids' events, there was even a race for the parents!

Thank you for the trophy! Evan received a medal too for his effort in the 5m dash. One of the parents gave out the prizes.

Evan is parading his prizes together with little Isaac who is just 3 months older. For the closing ceremony, everyone sang "We are the World". Then everyone adjourned home. Many more events at the Lil Beansprouts are lined up for year including the much anticipated End-of-Year Party!


eskay said...

Mmm...he's got potential in sports.. can run so fast eh...Congrats Evan!!

Wei Chung said...

evan boy.. its a trophy, not a hammer..

hmm.. maybe some nike shoes will help him run faster for the next sports.. ehehe..

anyway.. congrats!!