Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Tree

We decided to set up a Christmas tree this year. It was our very first Christmas tree - in fact, it was the first Christmas tree for everyone in our family.
By the way, Evan is holding a gingerbread man from Coffee Bean. It's his favourite snack during this time of the year.

Since he's into gingerbread men, I've decided to decorate the tree with what else but gingerbread men! I made the gingerbread men myself with cardboard & self-adhesive rhinestones. Not too difficult but a little time-consuming. Made a total of 8 men. Bought 6 rolls of ribbons from Metrojaya and Parkson. Wanted to 'copy' Metrojaya's style of decorating their trees with yards and yards and layers or layers of ribbons. Speaking of Metrojaya, we bought the tree from there (the last one!) for RM55.90. It's the smallest one standing at 4 feet tall.

We also bought a dozen candy canes from Cold Storage Gardens. Evan insists that we must place a star on the Christmas tree so I bought a gold star topper from Cold Storage too.

Will take a nice shot once there are presents filled up at the bottom of the tree. So far, there are 3 gifts there and they are all for Evan!


A Mom's Diary said...

How come Marissa no presents yet?

Hui-Wearn said...

We haven't got around to buying anything for her yet! (and also she's 'inheriting' lots of toys/books from her brother)