Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Update

Just a little update on this little girl.... Marissa will be 17months old next week. She's getting more and more talkative now - can pair a few words together to request for things that she wants.
eg "dirty! wipe!" if porridge spills on the floor or her bib

She's also more and more independent - prefers to feed herself/dress herself....but of course.... she still needs help. She will duly inform me whenever she does her poo-poo in her  disposable diaper and demands to be changed into a fresh one (I've been rather lazy with the cloth diapers.....cos gotta rinse/wash/launder/dry/fold/store and extra extra work if she does big business in it).

She's grown taller although still petite to me - can still fit into Gymboree 9-12months clothing. 12-18mos clothing fits her just nice. She likes to sing/dance/clap/do action songs. She's now into reading her brother's picture books and playing with her brother's toys (basically it's Thomas train/Bob builder/Robots). She also loves to play pretend with Evan. They team up as chef & waitress in a restaurant and Hubby & I get to be the customers.

Me in my carseat - only for one-way.... the return journey? I need to drink nen-nen so get to be carried by mommy

One of her favourite activities is go 'walk-walk'. She likes stickers, scribbing with magic pens (on paper!) and climbing up & down the furniture. She also loves flipping through the photo albums..... which are fast becoming like 'kiam chai'..... which reminds me that I am planning to submit a photobook in by 16th November..... 40% discount promotion......... hope to get it done soon or else..... just skip it and wait for next promo....

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