Saturday, November 21, 2009

Parents-Teacher Day

We were the first to see Evan's class teacher today for the PTA. We talked about Evan's progress in school for the 2nd semester. Happy to note that Evan has improved in his art & craft and takes a very keen interest in it. Teacher Esther says Evan is always very focused and can follow all instructions during art & craft. OK - that's good news but Evan can be 'busy' day-dreaming' too when other lessons are going on. He also tends to be focused and pays more attention to lessons when he's isolated from other kids who tend to disturb him & in the end, they all will be playing with each other! Hopefully he will be in a class with quieter boys & girls next year and hopefully he'll be 'influenced' by their behaviour!

As for his exam results - a few mistakes here and there for Chinese (84 marks) & careless mistake for Math (96 marks). English was 88 marks. According to Teacher Esther his blends need brushing up as he's not so good with it. If you ask me - I am confused as well - I leave the teaching of blends to Larry (I am in charge of Chinese, you see.....). So it's extra Chinese 'lessons' during the school holidays. We will most probably be enrolling Evan in the After School Program next year. According to Teacher Esther, the program runs from March to November and the cost is approx RM400 monthly. 


A Mom's Diary said...

I've been thinking about the ASP too but RM400/month is quite a huge commitment.

Hui-Wearn said...

Yes it is.... but if the returns are good I would be more than happy to commit!