Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dad's Double Six

My dad's 66th birthday falls on 17th February 2010. This year my mom ordered a blueberry cheesecake from Isemeina Cake House in Segamat Baru as a surprise. His birthday is usually very near Chinese New Year and we usually celebrate it in Segamat. We celebrated it on 14th February because it's ahem! Valentine's Day and also CNY 1st Day.....

Evan helped his Kung Kung blow blew out THE candle after we all sang the birthday song. The cheesecake was rather yummy..... I ate slices and slices of it over 2 days and I now am having trouble buttoning my pants.

My dad's birthday pressie : a dragon puppet. His puppet collection is growing! We bought him 2 lions before this for his previous birthdays. 


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Chung said...

Happy Birthday Pa!