Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids Shots by Covershots

2 months ago, we signed up for a photography session just for the kids at Covershots. They were the same group of photographers who took my graduation pics, wedding photos, couple shots with my then boyfriend/soon-to-be-hubby (Larry) & family pics! Very loyal customer here! Anyway, paid RM250 for a 5R leather album with 11 laminated photos plus the data cd. Which photo do you like best?

Evan just kissed Marissa and she touched her cheek

Lots of outdoor shots! They were momentarily distracted by dragonflies

I'm a fairy princess!

Butterfly wand & butterfly headwreath from Pretty Roses for Pretty Girls

Another outdoor shot

One of my favs

Shoes & dress from Gymboree

 The teddy's bigger than my petite princess

Results for the twopixel photography contest is finally out but our entry did not win the top 3 prizes.... The good news is all participants will receive a voucher! So I guess we can plan our next family photo session either before or after Evan turns 5 this year!!!


A Mom's Diary said...

Nice pics

Anonymous said...

I like the first pix, Marissa touching her cheek the best.