Monday, February 22, 2010

Down and Out

As much as we like the medical care provided by Baby & Beyond, we didn't expect to return so soon for another medical emergency. This time, our hero, Evan was down with acute gastroenteritis.
He complained of stomachache on Thursday nite. Then he said he was hungry. Immediately after consuming 2 little kuih bahulu, he vomited on the floor....... and slipped on his own vomit. He hollered non-stop thoughout his shower. Then the vomiting continued through the wee hours of the morning. Larry inserted a metaclopramide suppository - it was supposed to be anti-emetic but Evan still continued his vomiting episodes. He had a bout of diarrhea with loose stools and continued vomiting.

On Friday morning, all of us headed to Baby & Beyond. The attending paediatrician was Dr Amir Hamzah who is a clinical professor specialising in allergy/immunology. He checked Evan thoroughly and ruled out appendicitis. He said no need for any medication but ORS would be sufficient - taken in sips instead of gulping down cups of it, otherwise it may trigger more vomiting episodes. He advised us not to give any foods cos Evan won't be able to keep it down. Once the vomiting tapers off, introduce drinks eg milo and then later on solids. It was very difficult to Evan to drink ORS cos he said it's YUCKY (I personally think so too!).

Anyway, on Saturday, the vomiting stopped..... but everything came out at the other end. He still didn't take much of ORS but drank lots of water. He also had a fever. Larry stuffed in Voren suppositories but because of his bowel movements, the suppositories didn't stay in long enough to work. So we resorted to giving him Brufen orally.

On Sunday, he was still very weak and completely not himself.  His tummy was aching and he had no energy for anything. Larry gave him a dose of Dhacopan for his stomach pain & also Brufen for his fever. We made another trip to Baby & Beyond and this time Dr Rajini was on duty. She said that his potassium levels could be low and to replenish, drink 100 plus or eat bananas. Add some salt  & a pinch of sugar into his porridge as well. She also said that the stomach pain is due to accumulation of wind. Dhacopan works to help alleviate the pain associated with the wind.

We prayed many times throughout for healing - even Marissa prayed for her Koko. Praise God that Evan is now much much better. He woke up on Monday morning his usual self - chattering away non-stop and started playing with his toys..... well.... he got an 'extended' school break today and will resume classes on Tuesday.

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Allan said...

oh dear...great to hear evan is well again after all that drama! :-)