Sunday, February 7, 2010

To Baby & Beyond.....again

We were at Baby & Beyond again on a Sunday morning. Evan woke up complaining of a painful penis. While saying grace before his breakfast of oats & milk, Evan prayed for healing of his "swollen penis".

Both Larry and I checked and it does look inflamed and slightly swollen. So off we went to the paeds clinic located at Bangsar Village II. They open on Sundays at 10am and we were there on the dot.

Evan and Marissa enjoy playing in the wooden playhouse fully furnished with an Ikea wooden toy kitchen, wooden table and chairs set also from Ikea and a wooden doll bed which I believe is also from Ikea. 

The paediatrician on duty was Dr. Cheah Cheong Wooi. He sat down with us at the reception area dan had a chat with us on Evan's signs/symptoms. He explained that boys who have a tight foreskin where the foreskin is not fully retractable (condition name is phimosis) are more susceptible to inflammation around the penis as smegma can easily accumulate underneath the foreskin. He suspects that Evan may have this condition. Usually the best treatment would be male circumcision and the procedure is done under GA.

He then proceeded to examine Evan in the consultation room. He managed retracted Evan's foreskin and yellowish pus oozed out. It was clear that an active  bacterial infection is there and antibiotics are needed to stop the infection from spreading up to the urinary tract. Since Evan's foreskin could be easily retracted, he does not have phimosis. He justs needs to be more hygienic in the future! Dr Cheah then used saline to clean the pus and he also applied fusidic acid cream on the infected area. Evan was very brave and he didn't cry one bit. 

Dr. Cheah also advised us to retract the foreskin and wash with water each time Evan showers to ensure the area is clean.... which I must admit was something that I didn't do....  alamak! never knew that I had to do that! 

Anyway, Dr. Cheah prescribed Zinnat (a second generation cephalosporin) which works well for Gram +ve and Gram -ve bacteria. In Evan's case, it's a lot more for the Gram -ve bacteria. We are also required to apply fusidic acid cream topically.

I requested a suppository as well as a stand-by just in case Evan develops a throat infection/fever during the CNY or during our overseas trip. He prescribed Voren which is anti-inflammatory and is also an analgesic.
We also requested Dr. Cheah to check whether Evan has congenital inguinal hernia. This was because one of our church member's son had it and no one knew. Suddenly one day the 6 year old boy couldn't walk because of pain in the groin area. He was then admitted for an emergency op. According to Dr. Cheah, Evan does not have this condition.

Before we left, Dr. Cheah showed us some images from the internet about phimosis which he initially thought Evan had.

I had a chat with Dr. Cheah while paying at the cashier counter and found out from Dr Cheah that his brother is a dentist in Singapore. Dr. Cheah also goes to Seremban GH to teach medical students from IMU. He also does calls there as well.

Well, I was very satisfied with the level of care & competency of the team at Baby & Beyond. The entire consultation lasted half an hour. Total paid was RM80 for consultation and RM99.50 for the medication.

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