Sunday, February 28, 2010

Itchy and Scratchy

Evan and Marissa are both afflicted with red spots and rashes! AIYOH! 
Made 2 trips to Baby and Beyond Clinic to sort things out. 

Brought Marissa there on a Thursday morning when we noticed some spots on her arm and cheek near the ears.
Paed on duty : Dr. Chuah Sai Ling. 
Diagnosis : bacterial infection on the skin. 
Instructions : apply topical hydrocortisone cream 1% and also Fusidic Acid. 
Infection should clear in 2-3 days.

Teacher Cindy called me on Thursday morning and informed me that Evan had been scratching his ears and it turned very red and there are rashes behind his ears. So we applied the medication for Evan as well. Coincidence that both of them have bacterial infection?

Fast forward to Sunday morning, the spots and rashes had spread to more areas  (especially for Marissa) and became even more reddish even with the medication. The kids complained of pain and itchiness. We went back to the clinic again and this time....
Paed on duty : Dr. Cheah Cheong Wooi
Diagnosis : Urticaria
Instructions : Bath with soap-free shower gel & moisturiser. Apply hydrocortisone 1% and benovate cream. Take piriton (anti-histamine) orally. 

It's most likely from something that the kids ate. Not sure what the allergen is but hopefully it doesn't recur! We've already seen 4 out of the 5 paeds on duty at Baby and Beyond Clinic in 2010!

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A Mom's Diary said...

Oh dear! That's quite many trips to the paeds within such short time period. Hope both of them are better now.