Thursday, August 19, 2010

5th Birthday celebration at TJC

Evan's 5th birthday was on 18th August 2010 - we celebrated his birthday a day after that at the kindergarten. Evan woke up feeling very very excited to go to school (if only everyday it's like this!). He was already waiting all ready at the door even before time. Ordered a box of 36 Signature Swirls mini cupcakes RM45 from (self-collection at section 16, PJ)

The children gathered at the school pantry at about 10am during their snack time. They sang the birthday song and Evan blew his candles. Then, it was prayer time led by Teacher Esther.

 Praying with raised hands for Evan and his family

The teachers distributed the cupcakes. A few kids had seconds! As for Evan, he happily licked the red cream off his cupcake.

Marissa wanted to eat as well and she was given a chair to sit beside her brother and she polished off the green cream off her cupcake as well!

 Evan took photos with all his friends at the different tables.

Finally, he gave out the party packs to all his friends with Teacher Cindy helping. As for his own party pack, he gave it to his girlfriend during ASP. Teacher Cindy said that Evan told her that he wants to marry 2 wives! What a casanova! Another teacher also commented that he has many girlfriends - and his classmates giggled at this comment. Poor Evan, he looked so blur blur.......... hopefully he won't be so blur next time when he's an adult and gonna get married!


BuffaFly said...

oh you mean his gf is not in his class? Is it C***e from Joe's class? I asked him if got this C in his class and he said, "Yes...she wears a purple jacket with 6 flowers. 3 on one side and 3 on the other side and when you zip it up, got 6 la!" then I asked him what colours the flowers are and he said "red, blue, green, purple, pink, orange". either he has photographic memory or he's very good at cooking stories.

Hui-Wearn said...

yes it's C.....
and i think he meant they are in the same class i.e. year 5 ASP.
as for the jacket story, he does mention to me what his friends wear to school... so big question mark there whether he concocted that up or not!

A Mom's Diary said...

Looks like we will celebrate Yiu Yiu's birthday in kindy too this year. Have got all the stuff for party packs ready (minus the snack items). Will leave that, and the cake/cupcakes nearer to the date.

jazzmint said...

ah yes, Faythe told me bout Evan's bday.