Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping at Perfect Livin Expo PWTC

The Perfect Livin Home Expo is now on from 12-15 August 2010 at PWTC. We went there this morning to purchase a few items for our new condo. As we were early there was no crowd and browsing the various booths was really a breeze. 

I've managed to book my modular induction hob & modular vitroceramic hob - both from Fagor via their dealer: Seloka Sukma. Secured a promo price of RM4600 for both items which is a 25% discount off the retail price. 

I purchased my cooker hood and built-in oven 2 weeks ago at the Reno Expo 2010 - this time I dropped by the Benova booth again and discovered that Lebensstil has a new oven model. So, I decided to upgrade my built-in oven to that latest model for an additional RM200. I get an additional cooking function plus the new oven has the self-cleaning feature (catalytic walls). 

We also booked our walk-in wardrobe from Fiorenza which is the aluminium post system type with sliding doors. With our purchases, we were eligible for a lucky draw to win iPads or LCD TVs. Let's see whether we win anything..... but we received an electronic weighing scale for free - as part of their 'guaranteed' gifts for spending at the expo.

Pics of the hobs below: