Monday, August 2, 2010

New Cooker Hood

Got myself a new cooker hood at the recently concluded Renovation Expo 2010 Mid Valley. 

It's a Lebensstil Kollektion Designer Hood. The parts are from Germany & Europe but locally assembled. I've been scouting around for this type of hood design but so far all the other brands are quite pricey (Teka, Smeg & Fagor).

I really really like the cool design. It's a perimetric extraction hood meaning it sucks the air in via the small gap on the hood front. This way, it has a better suction power. Plus, it can be positioned nearer to the hobs so it can suck out the smells/grease better before it disperses everywhere else. 

Easy to clean- just open cover to reveal 2 aluminium filters and a grease collection cup. Wash the filters and cup with detergent. The hood front is made of glass which makes cleaning a breeze too. The body is stainless steel though. 

Other features which I like is the strong suction power : 1300.  There are 3 settings with touch control panels. Lowest setting is 1100. Suction noise is not too loud either. 

The sales person gave me a package deal: RM4750 for both the hood and a built-in oven. Includes free ducting/ventilation of the hood. I need to get my kitchen designers to fit in the oven though.

The retail price of the hood is RM3599. Built-in Oven was on promo for RM1899 (purchase with purchase). I wasn't sure to get the oven but the deal was too good to resist. Paid a small deposit to secure the deal. Anyway, I can change the oven model if I wanted to later on just before paying up the balance.  

There's another expo coming up : Perfect Living 2010 at PWTC on 12-15th August 2010. I was told that if the price of the items that I bought today are lower, they will honor the lower price. Will be going to PWTC to check out other deals! Need to book my walk-in wardrobe.....

Lebensstil Kollektion Built-in Oven 56L with 7 multi-functions and rotisserie. Retails at RM3099.


Allan said...

Phooi-yoh! Looks like an LCD monitor! Futuristic! :-P

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