Sunday, August 29, 2010

Restoran Gafan

Both kids and myself had bouts of vomitting/diarrhea/bloating one after the other. I am all better now and suddenly had this craving for claypot chicken rice...... ah...... so we all went to Restoran Gafan for lunch immediately after church.

Their signature dish : drunken chicken claypot rice : RM16.00 for Large (good for 2 diners) or RM9.00 for a Small serving. The claypot used are all of the non-stick type. They also have a variety of other flavours eg black pepper, thai and with salted fish. There's also claypot prawn rice and claypot fish rice (RM10) - which we ordered - pictured below:

Side dishes include a variety of vegetables and beancurd. I absolutely love the sweet chilli dip that came with it. RM6 for half a dozen or RM10 for 10 pieces. They also serve drinks and soups.

Dear hubby ate a LOT! I hope he's not gonna be affected by the nasty virus..... 
Oh, Restoran Gafan is located at 11, Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya - opposite Luck Kee Hawker Center. The place is very hot and stuffy in the afternoons as they do not have air-cond. So, best to visit during the evenings.

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Allan said...

Looks yummy! and what a name too - Gafan!

So I guessed a lot of people 'add rice' there huh? :-P