Monday, August 16, 2010

Early birthday celebration for Evan

Evan woke up bright and early on Sunday morning. He was very well-behaved at church and children's church (all his teachers commented on his excellent behaviour). The children's church celebrated his birthday and he received a gift and a muffin. His good behaviour continued throughout the afternoon and both Larry and I were very pleased with him.  So, we decided to reward him with the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary book which we bought some time ago. He was overjoyed when we told him he could finally have the book as he was very obedient. We also decided to have a mini birthday celebration later in the evening.

We stepped into Cafe Baskin Robbins at the Gardens for the first time and ordered a single scoop waffle cone strawberry cheesecake ice-cream which was absolutely delicious! RM9.75 for one. If you have Robinsons Card, 10% discount for orders above RM20.

It was a huge serving and all 4 of us shared the ice-cream. My dad didn't want any. Before dessert, we were at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant for a scrumptious Chinese dinner.

I bought some cupcakes from Delectable, the Gardens.

Marissa showing off her little goldfish purse.

RM28 for a box of 3 cupcakes - super expensive! but we were curious to try it out.

3 different flavours : chocolate expresso, vanilla with macadamia nuts & vanilla with ginger.

Evan promptly stuffed the entire sugar bear into his mouth and after that just refused to eat anymore cupcakes. The chocolate expresso one (the bear) was very tasty - but not worth the extra $$$.

Striking a comical pose with Kung Kung.


prince n princess mum said...

happy birthday Evan!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Evan!!! What do u wanna get for ur birthday from ur kai ma? I'm such a lousy one I know.... gotta get something useful for u this time;p Let me know ya..

P/s: I'm thinking of dibo the gift dragon theme for my BB's 1st birthday do. Any idea where to get the party stuff in kl?