Friday, September 24, 2010

By the light of the Silvery Moon

To celebrate the mid-autumn festival....... the kids get to play with lanterns by the poolside!

Took the paper lanterns out from storage....... plus 2 boxes of candles. The kids had lots of fun walking round and round the pool together with Joseph & Joy-Anne. Read Buffafly's account of the event at her blog!

I still remember the excitement associated with mooncake festival when I was a kid. My brothers and I get to parade our brightly lit lanterns around the 'neighbourhood'. We used to stay above a shophouse just by the main road, so our 'neighbourhood' actually refers to the five-foot way in front of the short row of shophouses. I still remember that I owned a battery-operated goldfish lantern - very cute. Most other lanterns were the standard fish, dragon, peacock and bird ones. Nowadays, the lanterns feature favourite characters & the variety is endless - not to mention those high-tech musical ones. One of my favourite memory of lantern festival was attending a lantern party at my ex-classmate's house. 
I am not exactly a great fan of mooncakes but give me jelly mooncakes or THE ice cream mooncakes from HD..... I would gladly eat them up! Still wondering how an ice cream mooncake tastes like - and does anyone know whether Haagen-Daz discounts them after mooncake festival?

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