Thursday, September 23, 2010

View from the top

Received the keys to our new place last week. Took some pics from the balcony. Our condo unit faces Pantai Panorama's block 1, block 2, block 3 and the swimming pool directly - which is not too bad considering some other units face one of those blocks directly.

It's a more serene and peaceful road in front of my condo compared to the opposite side which faces a very busy road which may be noisy and dusty especially with Phase 2 - block Camelia coming up.

On the far right and far left, the view is rather unobstructed. Anyway, paying another RM100K-RM200K more for the KL view is too high a premium for me - I would gladly trade a view of Telekom's bamboo tower for extra cash to spend on renovating and furnishing the condo.

We do get the afternoon sun but it's not too bad as it's not direct but at an angle as shown. Probably will consider tinting the glass windows to block off most of the sun's rays. Pic above taken in the master bedroom. 

Quite excited about the prospect of moving to a new place within a few months!


A Mom's Diary said...

Congrats on your new home. So who will be moving faster - you or Buffafly? Don't tell me same condo gua?

Hui-Wearn said...

Definitely Buffafly - she's moving to Selangor while I am stayin put in KL.