Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ninja Joe

Larry's colleague (who is also my colleague!) recommended this little burger joint. It's called Ninja Joe and is located in Tropicana City Mall. I think the interior design is very cute - especially Ninja Joe who looks like a burger.

Ok, their specialty is pork burgers - yup - non-halal. We ordered 2 burgers for RM9.90. If just 1, it will cost RM5.50. Cheaper if ordering 3,4 and more. Many flavours to choose from eg black pepper, spicy, oriental and original. We added a set of crinkle cut fries and green tea for an additional RM3.50.

The pork patty was succulent and the burger size is something like KFC's Colonel Burger. I enjoyed my oriental flavoured burger - the sauce was tangy and sweet with a lemony taste. Larry had the original which was equally delicious. There's a small selection of side orders eg tempura salad. Service was prompt and the place was clean. Do try it if you happen to be at Tropicana Mall.