Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finally - a deposit

Marissa finally 'deposited' urine in her potty for the very first time! 
I've decided to intensify my potty training efforts as I was quite lazy to do it earlier. Evan was potty trained by 2 yrs and Marissa is now already past 2 years. I figured that if I leave it any longer, she will grow more and more dependent on the diapers and will not want to wear panties later.

Marissa does tell us whenever she poos in her diapers and also  sometimes run to the potty and sit on it with her diapers on. So, one evening, I decided to just ditch the diapers and let her wear her new panties. She was game for it and chose one cute purple one. I had bought a pack of 7 (one for each day of the week) from Gymboree some time ago. Suddenly I realised that she had ran to the potty and sat down there with her panties on! I then went to check on her and hurray! she had urinated in the potty! However, she wet her panties in the process as she did not pull it down.

I hope she will be fully potty trained soon! I already took out my bag of cloth diapers and will be using them instead. Can channel some savings from disposable diapers to my renovation fund instead!


Allan said...

Well done Marissa! help your mummy save up for that jacuzzi in the new home..:-P

Hui-Wearn said...

alamak.... not enough space for a jacuzzi in the new place....

anyway, latest development..... Marissa has successfully deposited urine in the potty again without wetting her panties!