Monday, September 13, 2010

New Abode

UOA's The Park Residence 1 was launched about 2 years ago. I think I was either pregnant or in confinement during that time.  The development is just opposite the condo where we are staying now. We didn't thought much about it although we pass by it everyday! In fact, we didn't even think of moving out from our current place until much later..... when storage and space seems to be seriously lacking.

Larry & I contemplated buying a landed property but decided otherwise when  we looked at the prices of gated and guarded homes. For example, Duta Tropika at Sri Hartamas costs at least 3 million ringgit! As for new properties, the locations are too far and inconvenient for us. 

Then we found out that our current property's value has appreciated considerably - thanks to the newly completed condo just opposite the road. It was then we decided to find out more about The Park Residences and even visited the show units. After much prayer we purchased a unit there.  The sales person was actually surprised that we did not buy when it was launched as the value has shot up over the short span of 2 years.  Anyway, I felt that the timing now is just right for us. The location is great and I like the fact that it's brand new and unfurnished. This means that we get to customise it accordingly. We calculated that in order to purchase the new condo, our current one has to go and we were very thankful to God that our current unit was sold within a week to a buyer who only viewed it once! Now, I am praying hard that we will be able to move into the new condo by Christmas and the sale of the current one will proceed smoothly.

Floor plan of our new place! 1910sf compared to our current 1250sf. 
I've engaged an Interior Designer from Desigva Design to be in charge of the renovation works from A to Z. I've also paid a booking fee to Kuchenmatic TTDI for the kitchen. Looking forward to receiving the keys, end of this week!


prince n princess mum said...

Looking forward for your new design...

jazzmint said...

wah nice...congrats on the new place :)

Allan said...

Nice investment! Looking forward to warm the house..hehe. :-D

Hui-Wearn said...

thanks everyone!
you are welcomed to visit, Allan!

Anonymous said...

hi would u share about whatr the services is included when u mentioned from A to Z as the renovation work will takecare by the appointed design company..
we are also looking for a design company too. ours unit is 1902sft.
do u think...100k for renovation is enough? from A to Z means...from design to furniture and lightning?


Hui-Wearn said...

A to Z means everything, built-in furniture and lighting, plaster ceiling etc.
loose furniture eg sofa and dining table - you buy yourself but can consult the designer.

100K can be enough.