Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Angry Birds!

Evan is addicted to the popular game : Angry Birds! He loves playing it on the iPad. The rest of us also play the game and I personally find it fun!

I promised Evan an Angry Bird plush toy if he scores 100% for his Chinese spelling test. Previously, he received Lego minifigures for perfect scores. So,  this time he was very happy that he got his favourite Angry Bird - the black one. The small blue Angry Bird was purchased for Marissa. Yes... she likes those birds too. Now Evan wants a Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Set if he scores 100% for both BM Ejaan & Chinese Spelling tests for his first semester assessment.

Angry Birds is a game developed by Finland's Rovio. 
Green Pigs have stolen the Angry Birds' eggs. The birds are now seeking revenge. Launch the birds one by one using a slingshot. The aim of the game is to wipe out all the pigs. Points are scored for each pig defeated as well as for damage to, or destruction of, structures, and bonus points are awarded for any unused birds. Sounds easy? Well, I must say this game requires strategy, logic combined with some knowledge of physics. What we have now on our iPad are a few levels available FREE! Plus, a few other special releases eg Angry Birds Rio and Seasons.

Evan has already requested for an Angry Birds birthday party instead of Lego! Oh no! I hope Marissa is still keen on her Cinderella birthday.... cos her birthday is coming very soon!


prince n princess mum said...

Angry birds are too cute not to be addicted. haha!

Hui-Wearn said...

You are an Angry Bird addict too? ;P

Chung said...

am glad i dont own the ipad....