Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New & Improved Kleenex!

Today I am gonna be blogging about that one thing that most people can't live without - Kleenex. Yes you read it right - Kleenex - a genericized trademark synonymous with facial tissue.

My family and I use lots of Kleenexes. We buy it by the truckloads during J-card Day - hey, good stuff ain't cheap, you know. I have no qualms spending a bit more on quality. To my delight, the Kleenex company has recently unveiled its new and improved facial and bath tissue. Yes - bath tissue  too! Not for use while bathing (but I suppose you can when you run out of fresh clean towels!) but those rolls of tissue for use in the bathroom, commonly used to wipe you-know-where. It looks like this:

For the uninitiated, the new and improved Kleenex tissues are made from top quality 100% pure virgin fiber using an innovative new technology. This translates into extra softness and superior strength. For those with sensitive skin, fret not, Kleenex's tissues are hypoallergenic! As for looks, Kleenex scores brownie points with their vintage and rose inspired packaging. Indeed, super value for  facial and bath tissues with 101 uses!

In our household Kleenex is often used to Kleen up stuff.
It's an absolute must to facilitate the expulsion of nasal mucus. How convenient. Blow out the gunk and junk it. With Kleenex's new softer 2-ply or 3-ply tissue,  you won't get chapped skin from repeated wiping. As for the kids, if they are not wiping their nasal mucus with their shirts *smacks forehead* then it's Kleenex to the rescue. Besides nasal discharge, Kleenex comes in handy when dealing with tears, sweat, urine, blood and other bodily discharge. Really. No sweat. Just pull out 1 piece, wipe and throw. The best part is, Kleenex is so soft and comfy and doesn't crumble in your hands.

Then there's the all too familiar scenario of spilt milk, spilt water,  split whatever on the floor, chair, etc. Thanks to Kleenex, I can Kleen it up real fast on the spot.

Kleenex is also used for wiping away icing on my face/hair whenever I get a bit too adventurous while decorating a cake..... wiping the earpick clean while digging my kids' ears......  making a carnation during art & craft time........ etc. 

I can go on and on about the various uses of Kleenex and its new improved superior features and function but to experience it, you've got to try it out for yourself. So, do yourself a favor, remember to include Kleenex in your shopping list. They have a whole range of facial and bath tissues that you will be spoil for choice! Pocket tissues are also available so that you can enjoy the goodness of Kleenex wherever you go!

Many thanks to Kleenex for the Comfort Kit that I received for this review!

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