Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grand Palace

This very opulent Chinese restaurant is located on the 6th floor of Pavilion KL. We were there recently during the Labour Day holiday weekend to collect our repaired wall clock from Molecule. Decided to try out this restaurant which offers dim sum...... yummy! Hubby and I both love eating dim sum lots!

We ordered Pu Er tea and a few dim sum from their menu by using a pencil. The menu is written in both English and Chinese characters. Unfortunately no photos! Just a piece of printed paper with text and columns. Not good...... had to clarify our order with the waitress. Anyway, we ordered the first item on the menu which is the prawn dumplings : 4 in a basket. I've photographed mine above. Prawns are big but not big on flavour. Rather bland tasting. 

Evan's favourite is the Char Siew Pau. The ones served by Grand Palace was OK only..... nothing to shout about. The Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun with Prawns were also very bland. Even their serving style is very plain. Should at least add some green to the dish e.g. a steam vege.

This dish : fried eggplant with chicken floss was not on the dim sum menu. It was actually on the appetizer menu but we decided to try it out. Good decision cos it tasted very good - ultra juicy eggplants and sweet chicken floss. Evan also enjoyed this very much. Marissa? She slept as soon as hubby sat down with her in the restaurant. 

Hubby loves Loh Mai Kai so we ordered one. The glutinous rice was rather soggy and the chicken meat inside was bland. No flavour. Hubby didn't like this dish one bit.

Pan-fried carrot cake - again BLAND (used that word so many times in this post!). Total bill came close to RM60. We definitely will not be going back there again. Nothing beats Oriental's Dim Sum (at Jaya 33) and Reunion's (Bangsar Village II).

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