Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas crackers

I made some Christmas crackers using  ELC's Make Your Own Christmas Crackers DIY Kit. Never cracked one before nor ever had any idea I could make some meself!
We were at Bangsar Shopping Center for dinner at Dome Cafe last night. Evan was at Jungle Gym for a solid one and a half hours and we went window shopping. The Mothercare store there is the flagship store and it is indeed huge! Mothercare now stocks products from ELC (Early Learning Centre) and their Christmas items are currently on 70% discount. The crackers kit caught my eye and it wasn't expensive at all (RM11.70 after discount) and looks like fun!
I brought the kit to work today and managed to make all 6 crackers in between seeing patients (no worries - didn't pull out any wrong teeth!)

The kids 'playing' with the crackers..... quite hard to pull/crack them! Only Larry and I managed to crack 2 of them already. Evan seems surprised with the cracking sound and with the 'rice biscuit' that popped out from the cracker! By the way, the biscuits didn't come with the kit but I added them myself. The kit only contained some stickers/jokes/paper crowns. Nevertheless, quite a fun kit to put together and now I know how Christmas crackers are made!


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Collin said... long as the crackers are not cracked at the office...patients may get the wrong idea!...hehe.:-p