Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TwoPixel Photography Anniversary Giveaway

Evan & Marissa are both wearing new outfits from Gymboree for Christmas! I dressed them all up for a photoshoot..... complete with Santa hat & headband..... grabbed my Canon and fired snapped some shots....

"Marissa, stand here, Evan, EVAN! Stand here! Hold hands!"  

*click click*

"Say Cheeeeeese"  

"Look here look here look here, LOOK HERE!"  
*click click*


As you can see.... the photos are quite bad decent (I've taken worst shots than these!) but they don't quite make the cut to be portraits hanging on the wall or even in an album......
So either I need chain up my two kids or photoshop the snapshots. Obviously this is a job for the professionals from TwoPixels Photography and the best thing is they are giving away an outdoor photography session! 

No more sore throats from yelling at the kids to pose
No more blurry or fuzzy images (my son is hyperactive!)
No more quite decent photos but absolutely lovely ones all compiled in an album
No 'missing' family members as ALL of us get to be in the photos

Interested to take part in this giveaway? Full details here
Happy 1st Anniversary to TwoPixel Photography!

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