Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lynn Craft 1st Give-away

Marissa's hair has grown longer and thicker now. Previously, whenever I clip her hair, the hairclip will just not stay put and falls out even with the slight tug.
Just recently, I purchased a set of cute Halloween themed hairclips from Gymboree as they were on clearance. Tried them on Marissa and they look great! She also has a pair of smaller sized snap clips purchased looooong time ago but one of them got misplaced/lost. Whoops!
So in anticipation that her hairclip collection will be growing (with her growing hair!), I am hoping to get a custom-made hairclip organizer for her. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon this crafty blogshop : Lynn Craft which is currently having a give-away until 20th December. The owner of Lynn Craft is giving away 2 items i.e. hairclip organizer & 1 set of hairclips. I wish I could be crafty enough to come up with felt creations but if you ask me I would rather win one!

If you would be interested to take part in this give-away or order your very own hairclip organizer at a very affordable price, just visit Lynn Craft at this link.

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