Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One and a Half

Marissa is now one and a half years old - time flies!
My little diva is now more and more DEMANDING - whenever she wants something, she will keep insisting on it until she gets it. Cannot take 'finished' or 'no more' or 'no, no' as answers....ouch.
She pretty much loves dressing up - especially in dresses and she likes to twirl and swish her skirts around. She doesn't mind me clipping up her hair or placing a hairband on her head....but then again.... she won't be wearing it for long. Each time her hairclip comes off, she will bring it to me and request that I place it back.

Marissa is wearing a custom made headwreath & holding a handmade wand from Pretty Roses for Pretty Girls

She loves to be photographed and likes to see the photos taken of her (aiyo.... her mommy's photography skills is somewhat lacking....which is why I prefer to let professionals take her pictures!)
Anyway, she can feed herself quite well with a spoon and drink water/milk out of a cup. She can speak in sentences now albeit short ones only - nothing very complicated.

She also loves to bug me/hubby or her grandparents with her favourite sentence : "reads book, reads"
And she will say it with a book in hand, usually tailing me around the house when I am busy with some housework. We could read the same books again and again until I get tired of it (not her!). She's got so many more books - and her favourite ones are the pull-tab/lift-flap/interactive books eg Maisy by Lucy Cousins. Even Evan has been reading his sister's books!

She can sort of 'count' from 1-10 and enjoys singing. She can't sing an entire song as yet but she sings snippets of songs..... eg..... E-I-E-I-Oooooooo    Moo..... Moo..... (from Old MacDonald had a Farm).

She absolutely loves her brother Evan to hold her hand whenever they are out at the shopping mall...
"Kor Kor, hold hands", she will say while stretching out her hands to her brother. Unfortunately this brother of hers very rough and sometimes he tends to pull her along when they are walking!

Her personality is different from Evan. When Evan was younger, we used to bring him for Gymboree Play classes. He would be running around and wanting to do his own thing (he still likes to do his own thing..... I don't know when this will stop!) but Marissa will listen attentively and follow instructions during Gymboree Play or Music classes. So I think she will be obedient in kindergarten next next year when she turns 3 unlike her very restless brother! Ok.... enough of comparing them..... they are after all different persons with different personalities. Both growing up at their own pace with lots of God's grace!

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