Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How do you Organize your Bag? Contest

According to my trusty Oxford Dictionary of Current English,
Organize - v. give an orderly structure to, systematize

according to every female's understanding.....
Bag - n. a must-have accessory in every lady's wardrobe used to carry personal belongings or simply anything that needs to be carried around that which might be useful while on the go, because you just never know when you might need it.
So the burning question is.... how do I put stuff in my must-have accessory a.k.a. bag or BAGS in a proper or systematic order?
For the record, I've got lots of bags - for different purposes e.g. the green velvety clutch bag to match my green party dress, the large and roomy shoulder bag for grocery shopping, the serious black document bag for seminars, the trendy and cute ladybug diaper backpack for a day out with the kids, the super sturdy bag trolley bag for travelling,  etc. etc. etc.

I follow a few key principles in organizing my bags..... and by coincidence they all start with the letter 'D'..... and here they are in alphabetical order-

1) De-clutter
I do not keep anything that I do not need in my bags. In fact, I usually stash away receipts or flyers in a separate compartment in my bag or purse. In this way I just empty the contents of that one particular compartment when it's time for me to go through them. Then I junk all those unwanted stuff and keep the important ones. This certainly makes life easier and saves time. Especially important for a busy mom like me.
I also take time to check through my bag's contents and throw away 'long forgotten' stuff e.g. a moldy lipstick or used tissues that just adds on to the extra weight that you unknowingly have to lug around each time you go out.

2) Designate
I designate certain locations or pockets in my bag for certain items. For example, my handphone will always be in my 'handphone pocket' right in front of my diaper backpack as it is easily accessible there. So whenever I need to get my phone, there's absolutely no rummaging in the bag looking for it especially when it's riiiiiiiiinging incessantly! So designate, designate and designate..... I cannot emphasise this more! Designate a fixed place for your handphone, keys, wallet/purse and baby's favourite toy, as these are items which are always needed fast - and I mean really FAST!

3) Design
This is actually the MOST important keyword in bag organization. I purchase bags with functional designs that help me organize my stuff. Subcompartments help keep the essentials in order. My diaper backpack is one of those bags with lots of mesh pockets and zippered compartments and it's great because I carry all sorts of things around whenever I go out with my kids.

A shortcut to effective bag organization is a powerful combination of all the 'D's I mentioned i.e. a bag organizer. BAG ORGANIZER??? What's that??? To the uninitiated, the following pics will enlighten you.....

Gin & Jacqie's Organize Jacq Bag Organizer


Switching handbags will be such a breeze and everything will be so organized!

Organize Jacq Set (1 medium & 1 small bag organizer)

I sure would LOVE to own one Organize Jacq Set by Gin & Jacqie! It would certainly help me de-clutter as I can designate a compartment for 'stuff to go through later' and the design is so practical - 11 compartments in total!

If you would like to join me in my quest to win THE bag organizer set, look no further - just follow this link for the full details on how to acquire this set for yourself.

To view more of Gin & Jacqie's collection of fashionable, practical & functional bags, click here.

Flamingos are PINK, Elephants are GREY
Organize your BAGS the Gin & Jacqie WAY!

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