Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Photographer in the house

On Christmas Day, we were in church in the morning. Had  a scrumptious lunch there as well. Before leaving for church, Evan opened one of his pressies. It's a camera we bought..... something like the one Diego (Nick Jr) has. It's from Fisher Price : Kid Tough Camera (RM199.90 special price for Robinson's cardmembers. N.P. RM429.90!). Once Larry loaded the batteries, he didn't stop taking photos of everyone and everything! Even I felt like I was a celebrity - with all the bright flashes!

We went out to Bukit Bintang on Christmas nite for dinner. Was supposed to meet up with my brother & family & my parents as well but the traffic was so bad they couldn't find a place to park at Pavilion and so no choice but to eat dinner separately.

Evan brought along his camera and took some shots.

After dinner, Evan went to my brother's place to stay for 2 nights. He took photos of baby Jay Han.

Here's a photo of Aunty Sokyi - my SIL taken by Evan.

Another photo taken by Evan at the Pavilion. The resolution is not very high plus Evan is not very steady so the pics didn't turn out sharp.
At least the camera is something to redirect / keep him out of mischief! 

He's watching too much TV nowadays and we've decided to terminate our Astro subscription. For the past month, it's only 1 hour a day of screen time so no point paying RM55 per month to Astro to watch 30 hours of TV.
We are also trying to keep all his pirate toys, superhero toys etc  and replacing with other toys which do not encourage 'fighting'.... He does have a tendency for that so it's gonna be cold turkey for him....... Plus more fun outdoor activity for him as he's the active type.... too bad weather not so good now, otherwise he would be swimming but for now he gets to go to play gyms.

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