Friday, March 5, 2010

Maggi Mee

The kids absolutely love to eat instant noodles i.e. Maggi Mee in a cup. Evan would request noodles once he comes back from school. So once he finishes his bath, he gets to eat piping hot instant noodles. He eats it all up without me nagging him to scoop and eat. He will blow the hot noodles and then slurp it up. He even wants to drink the soup. Not even one bit of noodles left behind. Marissa also loves noodles and will eat a small bit whenever her brother eats and can be very messy when she's feeding herself noodles.

Evan's eating 'repertoire' has expanded to include fried rice, noodles, chicken nuggets, pizza and sausages. He likes french fries and will always request it whenever we go out for dinner. He's also eating his lunch in school albeit a bit slow.... Well hopefully he will learn to eat a larger variety of foods soon - it would certainly help a lot when we go on holiday next month!

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