Saturday, March 27, 2010

Consultation with a Paed Immunologist

Dr Amir is the visiting paed. immunologist at Baby & Beyond. We made an appointment to consult him regarding Evan & Marissa's previous urticaria which we had trouble identifying the trigger allergen. After taking the history, he concluded that we need not conduct an allergy test as the urticaria was most likely from a viral infection based on the following observations :

1) Both Evan & Marissa had the same condition but manifested the signs at different times. Marissa was on a Wednesday afternoon and Evan on a Thursday morning.

2) Both did not consume anything extraordinary within 2 hours timespan of the 'allergic reaction'

3) Even with anti-histamines, the urticaria took about 4-5 days to clear. This is atypical of an allergic reaction as it will resolve speedily upon administration of anti-histamines.

4) The onset of urticaria was not accompanied by wheezing, rhinitis, oedema of the lips etc which is indicative of allergic reaction.

The kids enjoyed playing driving the bus and also Evan discovered that he could switch on the headlights of the bus. Didn't bring camera along cos my SIL borrowed it for her trip to Singapore. So here's a pic of the bus taken from the Baby and Beyond homepage.

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