Friday, March 26, 2010

New Stylish Tokyo Lucky Draw

New Stylish Tokyo (NST) is an online store selling bento tools and kawaii items. I am one of their customers and I've purchased over RM350 worth of bento items from their store! NST also has a blog maintained by the owner. The blog complements the webstore well as lots of tips on using the bento tools are provided with step-by-step instructions. Recipes are also posted on the blog. This is a very good for those who are just getting acquainted with bento-ing (people like me la....).

NST is currently celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a sale and also a lucky draw for both their customers and bloggers. There is a grand prize (Check out the grand prize picture below!) and also a consolation prize. To take part in this draw, go here.

I hope NST will continue to bring in cute Sanrio character bento tools and I also hope to see more Hello Kitty items (I am a fan!) - not necessarily bento stuff but other items too.

Congratulations NST on your 2nd year! 

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