Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Children’s Leaders/Workers and Parenting Conference

This is the first time I attended this conference! I chose to attend the Balloon Sculpturing workshops conducted by Allan Yong & Friends - a total of 4 workshops starting from the basics of balloon sculpturing.... all the way to sharing the gospel using balloons. The workshops were all hands-on and fun! Actually, there were over 50 different workshops/sessions for all participants to choose from.

I invested in a quality balloon pump and bags and bags of balloons. Allan Yong & Friends had set up a booth selling lots of merchandise at very reasonable prices. I even bought a 'magic bag' prop.
Pumping balloons during the workshop had taken a toll on my flabby arms! Still aching now! Anyway, now it's time for more and more practice cos I will be doing a short Easter message/presentation during my church's children's Easter party in about 2 weeks time.

Oh and any kids out there want a balloon toothbrush? Come and visit your balloon-pump-toting-child-friendly dentist!


A Mom's Diary said...

Balloon! YY is due for her dental check-up liao. Can I chup a toothbrush balloon for her :-)

Hui-Wearn said...

okie dokie - this dentist still needs lots and lots of practice with handling the balloons! gonna practice whenever free in the clinic!