Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doctor No. 5's advice

It seems like most of my blog posts lately have been about the kids being sick and going to the paeds! Yikes! This time round, Evan had fever & cough thanks to a virus. Then Marissa caught the bug as well and she's down pretty bad with fever, cough & a stuffy nose. We had been giving Evan cough syrup from his previous paed : Dr. Koe but it didn't really work very well. Now that the cough syrup is almost finished we thought of getting more for Marissa. So it's off to Bangsar Village II.

Dr Chow Su Lin is the 'Doctor No-5' at Baby & Beyond. We've seen 4 other paediatricians there before this and she's the 'last one'.  She advised symptomatic treatment with paracetamol 6 hourly. If there are spikes in the temperature in between doses, take nurofen. For night, administer voren suppository to keep the temperature down. No need to take cough syrup as most of them are not effective unless contains codeine and may have undesirable side effects. For the stuffy nose, use oxygenase nose drops to clear the nostrils. Take anti-histamine to keep the flu symptoms down.

Praying that Marissa & Evan will recover soon! Scheduled an appointment with Prof Dr. Amir for patch tests for both of the kids next week. We still do not know what is the trigger for their urticaria.

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Allan said...

Oh dear...shall pray for both of them too...hope they'll be well again pretty soon! :-D