Sunday, July 25, 2010

Coloring Pencils

Well, Evan has shown that he has a keen interest in art all this while. He loves drawing, coloring, craft etc. Talk about music lessons and music instruments, he will say NO. 
So recently I bought him a huge box of 24 color pencils. He went on a coloring frenzy!

He's had this Veggie Tales coloring activity book for some time but he took it out and started coloring almost everything! He even brought it to school to show his friends. He told me that his 'girlfriend' also colored in the book using the box of color pencils I bought.


Here's another of his colored work..... he's improved a lot.... and can color neatly now.

He drew a pic of Larry the Cucumber and colored it during CG and gave it to me! (after CG ended, he wanted the drawing back). He has also been drawing 'Thunderman'  - his alter ego. We like to tease 'Thunderman' cos Evan is afraid of loud thunder (but he's Thunderman!).... and flying moths! (I'm scared of those too!)

He also likes to draw while telling a story. Just this afternoon, he told me a story about a boy who didn't like to eat vegetables while drawing the afore-mentioned boy. Then he went on to say that the boy's mother cried when the boy said NO to vegetables. She promptly called the police to investigate. It was such a long story, that went on and on! 

Well, children learn best when they are interested. I know I won't be spending any money on music classes for Evan until he tells me one day that he wants to learn. In the meantime, it's just arty crafty stuff for him!


prince n princess mum said...

Can colour very well!~

A Mom's Diary said...

Neat colouring there. I notice Yiu Yiu's colouring also improved a lot this year.