Thursday, July 22, 2010

Choosing a Refridgetor

We've bought a brand new condo but still waiting for VP scheduled in August as the condo's CF is still pending. So, I've been busy lately meeting interior designers and kitchen designers to discuss layout plans etc. There's so many decisions to make that I already pening kepala! If got loads of money and there are no budget constraints, then the decision-making process is much much easier and straight-forward!

Anyway, I need to decide on a new refridgerator for my new kitchen...... should I get...... 

1)  Single Door Fridge?
There's this really cool retro design one by Smeg (Italian brand). Looks really cool and I don't mind a retro look for my kitchen! Price? It's 5 figures!

2) 2-doors with freezer on top?
This is something like what my MIL has - 2 doors plus a drawer. My mom has the classic 2-door kind. A bit old school if you ask me....

3) 2-door with freezer at bottom
Currently I have this type of fridge - it's by Panasonic fomerly National when I bought it. Energy saver cos the freezer is at bottom. The freezer is seldom opened so it's placed at the bottom - less bending.

4) Side-by-side 
This is a popular model - freezer on one side & fridge compartment on the other. However it is not so energy efficient and the compartment for fridge is not so wide. Price starts from RM3K too.

5)  French doors
These are like the 2-doors-freezer-bottom fridge but the difference is in the door design. It's like opening a cupboard. Saves energy cos you only need to open 1 smaller door out of 4 doors, instead of 1 bigger door out of 2 doors. This seems to be the best choice but I am still mulling over which brand and which model to buy. Price ranges from RM3K. Brands available : Electrolux - as pictured below, Hitachi, Sharp & Samsung. 

Besides the design, other considerations:
- At least 500 liters of space should be good for our growing family
- Energy rating of 5 stars. This is important cos the fridge is switched on 24/7
- Color/material to match overall look of kitchen


Anonymous said...

No saving & nice looking.. Where's ur new condo? When r u moving?


Hui-Wearn said...

no keys yet... and not renovated...
definitely by Christmas!

as for the new condo, it's just a stone's throw away - literally!

prince n princess mum said...

Wow! all very nice...

Allan said...

Wow..the SMEG sure looks cool! Haven't seen that around as yet!