Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy food for Evan

Trying my utmost to be creative with food presentation! This was one of Evan's dinners. Baked chicken nuggets & diced cucumbers served on a Mickey Mouse plate. Very simple meal which can be prepared within 15min (eating time can take up to half an hour sometimes!)

This one is a variation : chicken meatballs & cucumbers. Very easy to eat - just use the alphabet picks. Evan can easily eat them all by himself without any mess!
Evan also eats rice with dishes (usually all mixed up like rojak). He prefers western meals though e.g. pizza, lasagne, burgers & pies.
Marissa is still eating porridge but I am trying to slowly wean her off.... as well as breastmilk but she's not showing any signs of slowing down! I don't express milk anymore at work so she drinks formula milk while I'm at work (after some crying) or fresh milk (which she says 'delicious!').


Allan said...

Wow! Impressive!! :-D

shoeluva said...

Looks yummy!!