Saturday, July 31, 2010

Selecting a Cooker Hob

I've decided to go for a built in induction hob for my brand new kitchen. I've been using free-standing induction hobs all this while and it works fine for me. Induction cooking is very energy-efficient compared to gas or electric hobs. Energy is used to generate heat directly in the cooking pot/pan. It's fast and clean. Everything else stays cool - including yours truly - only the cooking utensil is heated up. After cooking, the hob is also easy to clean - just wipe with a special cleaner. My only gripe: it's expensive! Even the pots/pans are expensive cos they are specially made for induction cooking.

One can really be spoilt for choice nowadays..... there are so many brands carrying induction hobs. So many variations : 3/4/5 burners of varying sizes.....

There are also modular ones with 2 burners. These can be placed side by side with other modular hobs in a combination. 


hot plate


Most likely going for a modular induction hob combined with an electric fryer or grill. Brand? Still unsure.... but important features to look out for are: Schott Ceran plate for its durability and strength, touch control panel cos it's easier to use compared to knobs and easier to clean... & efficient after-sales service plus the availability of spare parts.

Oh and my dream hob..... if I am earning mega-bucks..... an induction range cooker!

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