Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Cow jumped over the Moon

The moon was as round as can be on the fifteen day of the eighth lunar month. We brought Evan down to the poolside to play with 'tanglung'. We manage to buy a small swallow shaped lantern and candles at the eleventh hour near our workplace in OUG.
When Evan saw the moon he kept on pointing and shouting "Moon! Moon!". Well it reminds him of his favourite nursery rhyme, in which the cow jumped over the moon.

Hey so many candles! And Evan promptly sang the Happy Birthday Song - to Mommy! I remember that when I was young, my parents would buy lanterns for me and my brothers and we walked around the neighbourhood. Not many children around because we were the only ones staying in a shophouse.

This fish lantern was bought last year but was not used so we took it out to play. Later on, a few of Evan's friends joined us and they lighted more lanterns together.

Arts & Crafts

This was what Evan brought home from Nursery. Lots of arts & crafts projects. This is a painting and there rest are cut & paste, coloring etc. The theme for this month is Healthy Foods so the children were taught arts & crafts according to the theme. When i asked Evan who made all these? His reply was "Aunty Moh Cheng" - his teacher!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Doctor and Dentist

Evan went to see Dr. Koe Swee Lee for his Pneumococcal jab today. And for the first time ever he cried - well - for awhile! The jab was a bit tad painful i reckoned..... he was even pulling his arm and asking us to kiss and make it better! tsk tsk tsk.... his next jab is coming up soon - after chinese new year..... hopefully he will not create any fuss. This is Evan's favourite toy at the Paed's : Crocodile Xylophone.

Since Dr. Koe's clinic is just a stone's throw away from my workplace, Evan went for his 2nd dental visit too. Since he was pretty whiny and tired - we just let him play with the spitoon and polishing brush and off we head home.

His first dental visit was at 2 years old. He was co-operative enough to open wide but he wouldn't allow the polishing brush to enter his mouth. When hubby demonstrated the brush on the model teeth, Evan wanted to do the same too! Eventually we ended up polishing the model teeth instead of Evan's teeth! *slap head*

Monday, September 17, 2007

A to Z

These are some of Evan's alphabet toys .... one of them - the black board with colorful small case alphabets actually belonged to me! My mother bought it from the UK back in the 70's from Mothercare via post. I can still remember the Mothercare catalogues that my mother used to keep. She not only ordered that alphabet toy but many other toys too which i fondly remember and enjoyed playing with.

Evan's favourite letters : A & Z. He can sing the alphabet song and also recognize all the letters of the alphabet -capital letters and small letters alike since few months back. Nowadays he's more conscious of the alphabets found in words. Hopefully he will start reading soon, now that he is already attending pre-school morning session from 9-12.30pm everyday.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Gifts Galore!

Evan received lots of pressies and ang pows for his birthday. We bought him Mr. Potato and friends – and he really enjoyed playing with the spud buds. Kai Ma Siok Keim bought him a pair of crocs shoes with Mickey Mouse on it. He wore them immediately after removing them from the bag! REALLY comfy and so stylo milo! Kai Ma really has good taste la! Thanks!!!

Elmo backpack with set of 4 game cards is from Auntie Haw Yeng. She was so thoughtful! Other gits include a Thomas the Train alphabet & numbers block Learning Set, Playdoh Barbeque Set, Books, T-Shirt etc My dad requested that we buy Evan a tricycle with the ang pow money he gave but can’t seem to find anything suitable yet.....

This drumset was one of the gifts Evan received - from Irene Goh & family (Subang Methodist Church). Look at him play!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hey diddle, diddle, Evan & his fiddle

This is Evan with his violin - we stumbled across this toy at Babyland, SS2 - only RM9.90. We were actually there to look for a tricycle for Evan as requested by his Kung Kung for little Evan's birthday. Didn't manage to find a suitable one instead we got side-tracked and found the violin and at the same time a old classic wooden toy piano exactly like the ones that we had when we were young. Wow, Evan was sooooo excited that he held the violin all the way home and after that wouldnt let go of it - even when it was time to snooze...... and then he even brought it out with him to Berjaya Times Square. He has a book title 'Howard's Screechy Violin' and he would 'act out' the entire story with his violin - including the part where he would bow after playing the violin. He simply lurves musical instruments....

This is Evan with his toy guitar...... another one of the many instruments he has. So far, he has a xylophone, drum, trumpet, tambourine, electronic guitar, guitar, piano, violin, drumset with cymbals and another electronic guitar..... well, we are on the look out for an accordion, castanet and maracas for him! He always goes ga-ga over the display of real music instruments at the shops and even in his story books. Before we bought him the piano, he would pretend to play an imaginary piano. He has also used his Lego Duplo blocks to create a flute, clarinet and saxophone. Plus, he would use covers and pretend they are cymbals.

This is Evan with his toy trumpet. It broke after he dropped it one day and I had to purchase another trumpet but a better design which can play 3 different notes. Anyway, we sent a photo of him with this trumpet and specs to Parenthood magazine and it was selected as a winner in the candid camera contest - check it out in the Parenthood September 2007 issue.