Monday, September 24, 2012


Ever since Evan received his new pair of spectacles, he has been introducing himself to his friends as 'Jonathan' because he looks different! 

A typical conversation goes like this:
"Hi! I am Jonathan!"
"No! You are Evan!"
"No.... I am Evan's twin!"
Since he turned 7 in mid-August, Evan has been taking down sermon notes but he had trouble reading the words on the slides. So, we made an appointment for him at the eye specialist. Marissa was due for her check up as well so both of them went together. His astigmatism and mine are just about the same at about 150-200! Power is low though.

So far, he has been diligently wearing his spectacles..... and impersonating Brainy Smurf or any other character who wears specs.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Legoland Malaysia opens!

It's truly exciting times ahead for residents of Malaysia and Singapore as Legoland has opened its doors on 15th September 2012! I for one am very excited as I've always been a Lego fan since young. I still remember fondly my very first Lego set which was purchased by my mother from Singapore as a gift for me when I was just 6 years old. Both my brothers are also into Lego and they have cool Lego collections! Evan & Marissa are also 'addicted' to 'em bricks!

The location of Legoland Malaysia is in Johor, just 10 minutes across the causeway from Singapore's Universal Studios. Legoland Malaysia is geared for the under-12's whereas Universal Studios appeals to the older 'kids'. 
Legoland Malaysia is the 6th Legoland in the world. Others are located in Germany, Denmark, UK USA & Dubai. There are 40 rides, shows and attractions organized in 6 themed lands : Adventure, Imagination, Castle, Town, Xtreme and Miniland..... for a grand total of 76 acres! Plus there will be a Lego-themed hotel coming up soon. There are also a number of retails shops and eateries within Legoland.

Legoland Malaysia launched the sales of pre-opening annual passes at heavily discounted prices. This promotion ended 16th April 2012. I decided to buy the passes for our entire family because it's a good deal. This pre-opening annual pass is valid from 15th September 2012 to 31st Dec 2013.

The prices were as follows:
RM195 for adults and RM150 for kids (ages 3-11) 
compared to the regular price:
RM275 for adults and RM210 for kids.
Single day entry tickets will be charged as follows:
RM140 for adults and RM110 for kids.

If you've missed the promotion for the pre-opening annual passes, fret not because Legoland has also launched several other promotions/contests/packages. Just can't wait to visit Legoland Malaysia!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BASF Kids Lab 2012

Evan attended the BASF Kids Lab 2012 at Citta Mall. This time, only 2 experiments were conducted i.e. Vitamin C and Sunblock lotion. 
Many homeschoolers attended the lab sessions held for 3 days at different time slots. The sessions are 1.5hrs long and opened for kids age 6 and above, totally free of charge and all participants received a door gift and certificate. Evan met a new friend, Wesley, and they were in the same group. Obviously he enjoyed himself! 

Click here to read about last year's event.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Celcom Cupcake Challenge

I've submitted 2 entries for The Celcom Cupcake Challenge in conjunction with our nation's 55th national day celebrations. 

Please help me vote for my 2nd entry below:

Firstly, follow the link to Celcom's Cupcake Challenge page:

Then you follow the instructions to allow the usage of the app above. Click on The Cupcake Challenge tab and then click on View Gallery. My entry is on page 22! 

Prizes are really good! I hope to qualify for the finals by being one of the top 55 entries. Thank you for your support!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dim Sum at Publika

New Shanghai Legend restaurant at Publika's Eat foodcourt serves Dim Sum! We kinda stumbled upon it while looking around for breakfast fare.

Customers can purchase cakes/buns/mooncakes from the counter.

Large and clean display area and steaming center

The interior is very tastefully decorated

We were the only ones in the restaurant at 10am in the morning on a Thursday!

Pan-fried radish cake RM8.80. Yummy! Tastes and smells delicious.
Giant BBQ chicken pau RM3.50. Also highly recommended.
Lotus rabbit bun RM3.50 - Marissa gladly ate this and almost finished it up by herself. 

Rice rolls with dried shrimps RM6.80. Not too bad. I enjoyed the dried shrimps more than the rolls. Would have preferred it to be Hong Kong style chee cheong fun though.
Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf RM6.80. Very good.

And we also ordered xiao mai RM8.80 and salad shrimp RM6.80. The salad shrimp was a huge one, cut into 2. Crunchy skin and succulent filling inside.

The chinese tea is super expensive! Didn't realised it until we got the bill RM18 for a pot of Imperial Pu-Er Tea. But then, it was really nice but RM18 is on the high side. Dim Sum is on par with Reunion of Bangsar Village. But the best Dim Sum place for us is still Oriental at Jaya 33 in terms of food and pricing.