Sunday, November 27, 2011

Artsy Bugsy Painting

Another art & craft session! Cardboard bugs with googly eyes! 
4 different bugs in the kit - inclusive of instructions, glue and paint.
A spider is not a bug..... although it was in 'A Bug's Life'....
 This was the snail - assembled by Marissa with my help.

 Then the 2 of them painted it.

The grasshopper was quite tough to do. Evan painted it on his own. Next up, Christmas tree decorating with hand-crafted ornaments! The 2 of them are so looking forward to it as the Christmas tree (bare) is already up with 2 pressies underneath it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Eiffel Tower & Wintery Kit

Evan was given a DIY Eiffel Tower craft kit for his 6th birthday in August. We decided to build the tower today while Marissa took her afternoon nap.

It was quite complicated for a child to do it entirely by himself so I was on hand to help. After everything was done, Evan cleaned-up the mess.

Here he is - smiling proudly with his Eiffel Tower. He couldn't wait to show Marissa and Hubby his creation.

When Marissa did wake up later, we opened up a new kit which I bought a few months ago. It's Charlie & Lola's Extremely Wintery Winter Activity Kit which contains a book : Snow is My Favourite and my Best and a dress-up puzzle game, snowflake stencils and silver glitter. We had fun reading the picture book and then playing the game! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gap Casting Call 2011

Recently, Gap relaunched its regional search for new faces of GapKids and babyGap in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, where 6 children will be featured on the Spring 2012 window displays of all GapKids and babyGap stores in all 3 countries.

To enter this casting call, a qualifying spend of RM200 in a single receipt dated  between 12-20 Nov 2011 from any Gap store is required. Professional photo-ops were set up at 2 different Gap stores in Malaysia : 
1) 12-23 Nov 2011 at One Utama
2) 19-20 Nov 2011 at Pavilion
Shooting time : 11am-6pm

Newborns-5 years were grouped in the baby Gap category while those from 6-10 years of age were considered to be in the GapKids catergory.

We were at Pavilion on the last day of the casting call to enter Evan - just for a fun experience. The day before, I purchased a pair of pink shoes in size 9  for RM119 (the very last pair at all Gap stores!) and a pair of 1969 jeans in size 7, at Gap, the Gardens, Mid Valley. Total for both items : RM258.
We were among the first few to arrive at Gap and I filled up the form and submitted the receipt. Evan received a goody bag from Hasbro Toys containing a Transformer robot (cos he's in the GapKids category). The goody bags were only for the first 100 children.

The organizers provided cardigans, shirts, caps, hats and jackets for all participants who are not wearing their own Gap clothing. Evan wore a Gap hoodie for the shoot chosen by the person-in-charge there. He was pretty serious cos I told him not to make funny faces!

The photographer took about 5-10 shots and his assistants chose the best one to be submitted. We received the complimentary photo on the spot as well.

Photos of all the contestants will be uploaded on Gap Malaysia' FB page by today and  within 5 days, a total of 100 contestants will be shortlisted by an internal judging panel based on Gap factor and photogenic quality. This means 25 photos each of baby boys, baby girls, kid boys and kid girls. Thereafter, the public can cast their votes at Gap Malaysia's FB page. The child with the most number of votes in each category will attend the final photo shoot in Singapore. Gap will be sponsoring the air tickets (economy class return) for the 4 finalists together with their parents... plus 2 nights hotel room accommodation on a twin-sharing basis. So, a total of 12 children (4 from each country) will compete to be one of the 6 winners. Of course, 2 winners from each country. There will be one boy and one girl for the GapKids category and 4 more from babyGap i.e. one baby boy and one baby girl below 2 yrs of age..... and one toddler boy and one toddler girl.

Winners from Malaysia will receive a Gap gift card worth RM2000 and a Hasbro Toy hamper. Gap Singapore also had their casting call at the same time. For our neighbours, parents had to fork out a hundred Singapore dollars to qualify for the contest and winners will receive a Gap gift card worth a thousand Singapore dollars.

I would be very happy if he's chosen as the top 25. Alas, chances are pretty slim if the Gap judges are looking for children with Pan-Asian looks as was the case last year. IMHO, I think they should select children of various ethnicity to represent their brand in this region e.g. Indian girl, Chinese boy, Malay baby girl etc. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Evan wanted to be a magician for his kindergarten's circus-themed costume party to celebrate the end of the school year. So, we obliged him by getting a few items to complete his costume.

We purchased a plastic top hat (RM10.90) and wand (RM6) from Party World, a cloak/cape (RM23.90) from Balloons Bouquet and a coat from Domii (RM79.90). 

All other items are Evan's own i.e. red striped long sleeve shirt, underwear and socks from Gymboree, bow tie from Domii and black pants from last year's kindy annual concert. Larry folded a paper rabbit and I helped cello-taped it to the top hat. I also made a white band to encircle the hat - to match the wand. The 'cummerbund' is actually a curtain tie-back which I fastened to his waist with paperclips! I also sewed some playing cards on his cape. Larry styled his hair with gel. Evan wanted a moustache but I was not keen. I think he looks very dashing like this!

Hubby only managed to snap a dozen or so pics at the party...... and here are the selected few:
The children had snacks, games and singing. Then Pastor Margaret gave out the prizes for best dressed boy/girl from each class. Evan's classmate who was dressed as a circus tent won the prize for Petunia class. There were tigers and lions in his class.... and a lion tamer too! 

The following morning, we collected Evan's progress report from his class teacher. With that, Evan's kindergarten years officially came to a close.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Graduation & Awards

TJC had their annual Graduation & Awards ceremony recently. 
Evan was one of the graduates..... he was really looking forward to the event cos he will be performing in a dance together with his Petunia classmates.... and he will also be in the choir.

Prior to the ceremony, the graduating 6-year olds had their graduation portraits and class photo taken in school. Looking back, I never had the chance to actually 'graduate' from kindergarten at all - in other words, no graduation ceremony. When it was over, that was it - proceed to standard one. No photos, no gowns, no mortar boards and no awards. Oh well.... actually there was the annual concert to showcase our talents and that was it.

Mrs Stephanie Wong - the principal of TJC, spoke about the theme for the night : "You've Got Talents" - where each and every child is recognized as individually different and blessed with different talents. Hence, this year onwards, each graduating child will receive an award. To give you a better picture, here are some of the awards which were given out : Best Helper, Best Conduct, Great Coloring, Awesome Artist, Most Caring, Bright Smile, Most Attentive, Best improvement, Creativity in Music & Movement, Best Reader in English, Math, etc and Student of the Year. Way to go TJC!

Evan received an award called "The Golden Rule Award" for best memorization of bible verses. The school has a booklet with bible verses for the kids to memorize. So every morning on the way to school, Evan will read and memorize the verses in the booklet. Looks like his effort paid off! It was indeed a pleasant surprise at the ceremony when it was announced that he won that particular award in his class. I am one proud mommy! Here's a pic of the slide that appeared when Evan went on stage to receive his scroll and award.

All the performances up on stage were so captivating. Tears welled up in my eyes when the kids sang 2 very touching songs in English and Mandarin. Good bye and farewell to Tadika Juara Cerdik - it's time to move on to another chapter! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

BASF The Chemical Company

For the very first time in Malaysia - BASF The Chemical Company organized a series of science experiments for kids age 6-12. The event is currently held at 1 Utama (The Oval). I registered online for Evan to attend the 2-hour session on Wednesday evening. Registration is free.
There are 2 sessions per day during the weekend and onsite registration are also accepted.

The kids are divided into 4 groups and there are 4 experiment stations : as photographed below:

There are 2-3 moderators per station. All kids are equipped with apron and safety goggles.

At the end of the event, all kids received a goodie bag and a certificate of attendance. Evan certainly had fun but when I quizzed him on the experiments - he was kinda blur! Anyway, it was a good exposure for him and we will bring him for more events like this in the future.

Friday, November 4, 2011

ASP Mini Concert

I managed to attend Evan's After School Program mini concert today after suffering from severe food poisoning for the past week - thanks to the curry I ate on Deepavali. Anyway, I am much better now and still continuing my antibiotics and probiotics.

The concert started very promptly at 1:30pm after a simple lunch (meehoon, fried rice, wantans and vegetarian curry). After an introduction by Teacher Yuan Ling and the customary speeches...... 2 talented 6-year olds came up on stage to emcee the event.

Former principal : Mrs. Cynthia Ngui presented the certs to the 'graduating' 6-year olds. Here's Evan with his 'sweet' smile.

Then the 6-year olds introduced themselves on stage and talked about their favourite ASP activity. Of course, Evan's one was undoubtedly 'Art & Craft'.... so he's video-ed here together with a few of his friends who share the same interest.

The 5-year olds were up next with a skit 'The Little Yellow Hen'....... well.... it's actually the story of The Little Red Hen.... but since they don't have a red chicken costume...... the title was changed accordingly! Most of them have painted faces of various animals who refused to help the Hen.

There was also a solo performed by one of Evan's classmates - a tall girl who sang 'I Have a Dream'. Then the 6-year olds presented this: (the principal's daughter is just beside him!)

For the finale, everyone went up on stage to sing 2 Chinese songs:

Well, thus ends Evan's last day at the ASP. I am sure he will treasure all the fond memories there.