Friday, December 31, 2010

Cooking Class by Marche

Marche Restaurant usually organizes cooking classes during school holidays for kids. There are cooking classes every weekday except on public holidays.
Evan had the opportunity to attend a cooking class  yesterday. The class costs RM27 nett and participants get to bring back their culinary creations, an attendance certificate and a voucher for a free kids meal at the Marche valid for 3 months.

I enrolled Evan in the baking class. Other classes available were cupcake decorating, gingerbread cookies and pizza. About 10 kids attended the 2 hour class. The actual baking took about 1 hour and the rest of the time was for briefing and waiting for the buns to bake! Evan made a new (girl)friend while he was there!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


After a month of slow progress, the reno works are now moving at full speed ahead - I'm scratching my head at such a baffling phenomenon. My interior designer doesn't seem to have a sense of urgency regarding the reno works but now she appears to be rushing everything. I've got lots to complain but I'm just closing one eye and hoping the renovation completes in 2-3 weeks time and we can move house and settle in - just in time to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Framework for plaster ceiling. 

Plaster slabs up

 Plastered the ceiling to conceal the seams/gaps

 Hacking of the kitchen tiles - before

 Hacking the kitchen tiles - after

Re-wiring at the yard

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Blessed Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Little Lambs Christmas Party

I brought the kids to DUMC's 2nd Little Lambs Christmas Party. We attended last year's one but this year's party was much better organized. Hubby had a meeting in church so he didn't make it with us.

Upon registration, all families queued up to get their pics taken by a photographer at the backdrop above. We were one of the earliest so the photography was done quite fast. Then we proceeded to the craft center on the other side of the hall to collect our craft item which was a photo frame.

Joseph came to lend a helping hand with decorating the photo frame. Scissors and double-sided were provided. We had to get creative and decorate the photo frame with ribbons, stickers and felt cut-outs.

Evan did most of the decorating and this is the result. At the end of the party, our photo was ready and we get to frame it up immediately and keep it as a souvenier.

Talented children from Little Lambs performed on stage! Then it was a great time of singing praise and worship songs. Evan participated with the other kids but Marissa clung on koala-like to me cos she was already very tired.

After Pastor Nancy gave her speech, Uncle Billy the Clown entertained everyone with magic tricks and shared the Christmas message. Yummy lunch was served but with 2 kids in tow - we only could manage some finger food. Hubby picked us up soon after and Marissa - who was cranky already - KO'ed in the car. We ended up tapau-ing KFC on the way home. 

Anyway, the take home message of the day was - Christmas is not all about presents but in gift-giving, we are reminded of God's greatest gift to all mankind - Jesus.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cooking Class by Dish Deli

More school holiday fun! Cooking class at Dish Deli

Evan joined the Little Cooks cooking class on 9th December from 3-5pm. RM70 per class inclusive of snacks i.e. orange juice/burger/french fries during break time.

He made scones, mini pizza, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate krispies. He was on his own as hubby sent him there and stayed just for awhile before leaving. Apparently, he gave witty remarks and comments throughout the entire class. Anyway, the food he prepared tasted good!

For more info on the cooking classes, check out Dish Deli's facebook page.

Here are more pics from the cooking class that day:

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello Kitty Cookies

The kids had a little school holiday fun - coloring Hello Kitty cookies! One box contains 4 Hello Kitty cookies which are ready baked and coated with icing. There are also 4 edible food coloring pens with different flavors, for the kids to color and decorate the cookies.

 Marissa trying her hand at coloring

Evan colored his Hello Kitty cookie very nicely - and finished eating the entire cookie!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lego Christmas Tree

The Lego Christmas tree on display at Bangsar Village II is made from 850,000 Lego bricks! and it's 7ft tall!

Toys 'R' Us is having a Lego clearance sale for Starcard members. Selected Lego sets are selling at 40%-50% discount. There are also special Lego items eg keychains, magnets, mugs and umbrellas for sale and for each item sold, RM10 is donated to charity.

There's a Lego Duplo play area for kids to unleash their creativity. There are also 2 contests for shoppers : Guess the no. of Santa minifigs on the Christmas tree and Guess the Lego creations characters.

 The kids had a fun time! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Specs for the Girl

Marissa furrows her brows like this when she watches TV or the computer. 
Dr. Koe referred her to see an ophthalmologist : Dr. Tan. 
Upon consultation, both kids were given sweets! And both of them took the sweets (but didn't eat them though). 
She was then prescribed atropine eye drops.
At the 2nd appt, Dr. Tan offered them sweets again but this time, the kids declined politely (or rather, we parents said no, thanks)
After the eye checks, Dr. Tan prescribed pilocarpine eye drops. She's got longsightedness and most likely astigmatism as well. Follow up scheduled on 25th Jan 2011. Hopefully the glasses will help to correct her vision.

New pair of pink specs from Focus Point.