Sunday, August 29, 2010

Restoran Gafan

Both kids and myself had bouts of vomitting/diarrhea/bloating one after the other. I am all better now and suddenly had this craving for claypot chicken rice...... ah...... so we all went to Restoran Gafan for lunch immediately after church.

Their signature dish : drunken chicken claypot rice : RM16.00 for Large (good for 2 diners) or RM9.00 for a Small serving. The claypot used are all of the non-stick type. They also have a variety of other flavours eg black pepper, thai and with salted fish. There's also claypot prawn rice and claypot fish rice (RM10) - which we ordered - pictured below:

Side dishes include a variety of vegetables and beancurd. I absolutely love the sweet chilli dip that came with it. RM6 for half a dozen or RM10 for 10 pieces. They also serve drinks and soups.

Dear hubby ate a LOT! I hope he's not gonna be affected by the nasty virus..... 
Oh, Restoran Gafan is located at 11, Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya - opposite Luck Kee Hawker Center. The place is very hot and stuffy in the afternoons as they do not have air-cond. So, best to visit during the evenings.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cool & Trendy

Captured some shots of the kids posing with their sunglasses!

don't mess with me....

my sunnies protect my peepers fron the bright lights above


Trying to look intimidating with those sunglasses

Thursday, August 19, 2010

5th Birthday celebration at TJC

Evan's 5th birthday was on 18th August 2010 - we celebrated his birthday a day after that at the kindergarten. Evan woke up feeling very very excited to go to school (if only everyday it's like this!). He was already waiting all ready at the door even before time. Ordered a box of 36 Signature Swirls mini cupcakes RM45 from (self-collection at section 16, PJ)

The children gathered at the school pantry at about 10am during their snack time. They sang the birthday song and Evan blew his candles. Then, it was prayer time led by Teacher Esther.

 Praying with raised hands for Evan and his family

The teachers distributed the cupcakes. A few kids had seconds! As for Evan, he happily licked the red cream off his cupcake.

Marissa wanted to eat as well and she was given a chair to sit beside her brother and she polished off the green cream off her cupcake as well!

 Evan took photos with all his friends at the different tables.

Finally, he gave out the party packs to all his friends with Teacher Cindy helping. As for his own party pack, he gave it to his girlfriend during ASP. Teacher Cindy said that Evan told her that he wants to marry 2 wives! What a casanova! Another teacher also commented that he has many girlfriends - and his classmates giggled at this comment. Poor Evan, he looked so blur blur.......... hopefully he won't be so blur next time when he's an adult and gonna get married!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Early birthday celebration for Evan

Evan woke up bright and early on Sunday morning. He was very well-behaved at church and children's church (all his teachers commented on his excellent behaviour). The children's church celebrated his birthday and he received a gift and a muffin. His good behaviour continued throughout the afternoon and both Larry and I were very pleased with him.  So, we decided to reward him with the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary book which we bought some time ago. He was overjoyed when we told him he could finally have the book as he was very obedient. We also decided to have a mini birthday celebration later in the evening.

We stepped into Cafe Baskin Robbins at the Gardens for the first time and ordered a single scoop waffle cone strawberry cheesecake ice-cream which was absolutely delicious! RM9.75 for one. If you have Robinsons Card, 10% discount for orders above RM20.

It was a huge serving and all 4 of us shared the ice-cream. My dad didn't want any. Before dessert, we were at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant for a scrumptious Chinese dinner.

I bought some cupcakes from Delectable, the Gardens.

Marissa showing off her little goldfish purse.

RM28 for a box of 3 cupcakes - super expensive! but we were curious to try it out.

3 different flavours : chocolate expresso, vanilla with macadamia nuts & vanilla with ginger.

Evan promptly stuffed the entire sugar bear into his mouth and after that just refused to eat anymore cupcakes. The chocolate expresso one (the bear) was very tasty - but not worth the extra $$$.

Striking a comical pose with Kung Kung.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping at Perfect Livin Expo PWTC

The Perfect Livin Home Expo is now on from 12-15 August 2010 at PWTC. We went there this morning to purchase a few items for our new condo. As we were early there was no crowd and browsing the various booths was really a breeze. 

I've managed to book my modular induction hob & modular vitroceramic hob - both from Fagor via their dealer: Seloka Sukma. Secured a promo price of RM4600 for both items which is a 25% discount off the retail price. 

I purchased my cooker hood and built-in oven 2 weeks ago at the Reno Expo 2010 - this time I dropped by the Benova booth again and discovered that Lebensstil has a new oven model. So, I decided to upgrade my built-in oven to that latest model for an additional RM200. I get an additional cooking function plus the new oven has the self-cleaning feature (catalytic walls). 

We also booked our walk-in wardrobe from Fiorenza which is the aluminium post system type with sliding doors. With our purchases, we were eligible for a lucky draw to win iPads or LCD TVs. Let's see whether we win anything..... but we received an electronic weighing scale for free - as part of their 'guaranteed' gifts for spending at the expo.

Pics of the hobs below:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Breastfed will Breastfeed

Here's Marissa with her baby doll named Baby Natasha (named after one of the characters on Sesame Street). She enjoys pretend play with her doll. She strolls her baby doll around the house, bathes her in a bathtub, feeds her medicine, changes her diapers, dresses her up & breastfeeds her! She was actually 'breastfeeding' when I took this pic and she looked kinda startled having to pose for me.

After nen-nen, Marissa gives her baby doll a big hug - maybe she's trying to burp the baby. Anyway, Marissa is still very much 'addicted' to breastmilk..... don't know when she will self-wean. She still cries twice or thrice in the middle of the night to drink her nen-nen

It would be really nice to have another baby in the family - especially another girl - and I wouldn't mind naming her Natasha (!) On second thought,  must close shop already as I would  need to  breastfeed for another 2 or 3 years... plus I would require yet another C-section for delivery...... Larry and I would have to postpone our 'honeymoon' together for another 5 years or so....  and the list goes on and on.....

Friday, August 6, 2010

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep and doesn't know where to find them!
Marissa used her hoodie bath towel & child size umbrella and pretended to be Bo Peep (too much Toy Story, I reckon!). She dressed-up like this a couple of times already. I think she looks more like a nun without the umbrella...... heheh....

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Cooker Hood

Got myself a new cooker hood at the recently concluded Renovation Expo 2010 Mid Valley. 

It's a Lebensstil Kollektion Designer Hood. The parts are from Germany & Europe but locally assembled. I've been scouting around for this type of hood design but so far all the other brands are quite pricey (Teka, Smeg & Fagor).

I really really like the cool design. It's a perimetric extraction hood meaning it sucks the air in via the small gap on the hood front. This way, it has a better suction power. Plus, it can be positioned nearer to the hobs so it can suck out the smells/grease better before it disperses everywhere else. 

Easy to clean- just open cover to reveal 2 aluminium filters and a grease collection cup. Wash the filters and cup with detergent. The hood front is made of glass which makes cleaning a breeze too. The body is stainless steel though. 

Other features which I like is the strong suction power : 1300.  There are 3 settings with touch control panels. Lowest setting is 1100. Suction noise is not too loud either. 

The sales person gave me a package deal: RM4750 for both the hood and a built-in oven. Includes free ducting/ventilation of the hood. I need to get my kitchen designers to fit in the oven though.

The retail price of the hood is RM3599. Built-in Oven was on promo for RM1899 (purchase with purchase). I wasn't sure to get the oven but the deal was too good to resist. Paid a small deposit to secure the deal. Anyway, I can change the oven model if I wanted to later on just before paying up the balance.  

There's another expo coming up : Perfect Living 2010 at PWTC on 12-15th August 2010. I was told that if the price of the items that I bought today are lower, they will honor the lower price. Will be going to PWTC to check out other deals! Need to book my walk-in wardrobe.....

Lebensstil Kollektion Built-in Oven 56L with 7 multi-functions and rotisserie. Retails at RM3099.