Friday, November 28, 2008

Marissa having fun!

Marissa at 5 months. She weighed 6.7kg. We were at the Paeds and Dr. Koe says her statistics are all within normal range. Marissa cried as usual during her vaccination that day - she refused to nurse but prefers to look around and she what's happening around her. Evan was the total opposite. As long as he gets to nurse, he is oblivious to his surroundings. He doesn't cry at all whenever he gets his jabs.

Thanks to my cousin Pek Keng & hubby Derrick, who helped lugged this Lindam Door Bouncer all the way from UK... Marissa got to play & bounce gleefully. She can only play for about 5 minutes and after that gets tired and wants out. I bought this brand new from ebay UK. Haven't seen any of these around but saw the other version with Tigger selling at Mothercare for RM308. Got this for about RM100+ when the pound sterling exchange rate was quite low.

Marissa is wearing new cloth diapers! She outgrew the Fuzzi Bunz ones and I promptly bought 5 more from Lil Danzell online store during their sale. This time I am trying out AIO (all-in-one) diapers. I bought 2 itti bitti all in ones, 2 itti bitti snap in ones & 1 itti bitti fitted all in one. Lovely pastel colors and works very well - super absorbant, durable and trim fitting. I also took out a stash of 6 large custom-made diapers pre-owned by Evan and Marissa can fit into them already though bulky.

Dinner at Fit for 2

After the haircut, we proceeded to Fit for 2 which newly opened its doors in Bangsar Village II. They were formerly located in Bangsar. We used to frequent the cafe for their all day breakfast set which is very yummy.

Evan had his porridge already so he just occupied himself with the toys at the kids corner. There are also baby care facilities at the cafe/studio. I breastfed Marissa at the breastfeeding room which features plush sofa chairs and curtains. Marissa also got a fresh diaper change there - free Huggies diapers and Bepanthen diaper cream courtesy of Fit for 2.

Evan - sporting a new look - ate a vanilla butter cupcake for dessert!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Evan's Haircut

It's no easy feat cutting Evan's hair... with Christmas & New Year coming soon - not to mention Evan's school's annual concert on Dec 6th, I've decided to get Evan's hair professionally cut.
He was looking forward to his haircut. We went to A Cut Above at Bangsar Village II.

This is Evan - all ready for the haircut. The lady is a senior stylist. She used a razor and scissors on Evan's hair. Evan squirmed initially but was ok throughout.

Final touches..... cost RM35..... but a really nice haircut. Will look for cheaper alternative next time!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I am sure getting very lazy nowadays to update my blog but at the same time busy with managing my ebay store.

Since Marissa turned one month old - I have had the priviledge of enjoying the luxury of having a helper around the house. That person is none other than my mom's Indonesian maid - Yanty. She's in her mid twenties, married with a 5-yr old boy. She started out at my mom's place and her main job description was to care for my granny. Granny eventually passed away May 2008 so my mom and her sister decided that I should take the maid because Marissa was due in June. After a discussion with Larry, we ok-ed the decision.

Yanty prepares Evan's meals everyday according to my instructions, vacuums/mops/washes the condo almost everyday, prepares ingredients for cooking (if I decide to hone my culinary skills) and helps out with Marissa very well. There's also the laundry and ironing to do as well.

She will be leaving once her contract expires end March 2009. I hope that I can cope well then. In the mean time I am thankful for this arrangement.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dressed up

Am starting to feel more photogenic nowadays - can fit into old pants already! Hooray! Need to lose somemore if want to fit into university days pants!

Family pic - just before going out to attend my ex-classmate's wedding dinner in KL. Evan stayed home with my parents. The wedding was lovely and well-planned. Alan from Regal Orchestra was there too - performing on his chinese classical instrument (he played at my wedding too). Managed to meet up with some of my ex-classmates from secondary school.

Marissa all dressed up (Gymboree again!) for a night out at Centro, Klang. This time it's my long-time childhood friend : Chieu Yin's wedding. She slept through the entire dinner and woke up only the next morning!