Sunday, February 24, 2013

Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Marissa started rhythmic gymnastic lessons at Carolyn's School of Rhythmic Gymnastics (CSRG) this year. So far, she's been enjoying the classes! 

Ms. Carolyn Au Yong (former national gymnast) is her coach. There are about 12 kids in the class, age between 3-5. Class is for one hour. Fees are collected every 2 months. First time registration fee applies - which includes training leotard, shorts, ball, rope, bag and half shoes. 

The kids start off with warm up and stretching. After that, they do ball and rope techniques e.g. bouncing and catching the ball, rolling the ball, skipping with the rope etc. Ms. Carolyn will demonstrate the techniques and then will check and coach each gymnast individually to make sure they get the techniques correct.

Grading examinations are conducted twice a year. Depending on your child's progress, the coach will inform if she will be able to take the exam. The basic level is Baby Gymnast. The girls will perform a freehand routine (1.5 minutes) on the carpet together with a partner.  The next level up is Little Gymnast. Examination will include 3 routines: freehand, rope and ball. After that, gymnasts will go through Grades 1-5 (each grade has 6 routines i.e. Freehand, rope, ball, hoop, clubs, ribbon). Gymnasts will have the opportunity to participate in MSSD level competitions, inter-club competitions, state level selection competitions, national level competitions and also international invitational competitions.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Year of the Water Snake

This Chinese New Year heralds the year of the water sssssssnake! We journeyed down south on new year's eve for the all important reunion dinner with my side of the family. We had to reserve the dinner table in advance, of course, as we didn't want to burden my mom to do all the cooking! We did the customary lou sang and ate a vegetarian meal. Food was good although we ate fake prawns and mock chicken. For the first dinner of the new year, we had dinner at a seafood restaurant - this time, butter fried prawns and steamed fish.

Of course, the kids amassed stacks of ang pows - and at the rate it's going, it's possibly their highest amount ever. The kids, together with their cousin Jay Han, had a great time until they all refused to go home when it was time to leave (on the 2nd day of the new lunar year).

The kids enjoyed feeding the koi. Those fish were very well fed. More than a dozen koi live in this 4ft deep pond in the garden. They will swim up to the surface when they hear human voices - eagerly anticipating a snack.

The kids entertained themselves with the iPad - playing some games. They also watched Astro. My aunt and family came a-visiting on the 2nd day. We all had lunch together before leaving for KL.

All the kids posed for a group shot: my kids, my brother's son and my cousin's daughters. 

We arrived in KL in time for dinner so we went to Plan B (Mid Valley Megamall).  It was the first time we had dinner at Plan B. Previously was just for breakfast. Ordered a Moroccan lamb pie which was utterly delicious and a sandwich - though simple but was very well put together. 

The following day, we had a reunion dim sum brunch at the Oriental Pavillion Jaya 33, with hubby's side. My SIL brought her Singaporean BF along so that we all can get to know him better. Met up with a few of my friends later in the day and the next day too. And it's MAKAN and MAKAN again! The gym beckons........ so I will be ssssslithering there..... until my next blog post..... ssssayonara...... and may this new year bring lots of joy to each and everyone!